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There has been a call for universal access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed.

Dr Linda Chokotho, orthopaedic surgeon from Beit CURE Hospital Malawi, calling for more investment in improving trauma data management

The international report by the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery was published April 2015. Co-authors Chris Lavy and Nyengo Mkandawire represented COSECSA on the Commission. The launch event at the Royal Society of Medicine was also attended by COSECSA Secretary General Pankaj Jani, and COSECSA Council Zimbabwe country representative Godfrey Muguti. COOL project contributed primary research to an abstracts booklet to accompany the report. The Royal College of Surgeons and Royal Society of Medicine co-hosted the fourth annual Global Surgical Frontiers conference the day after the Commission launch, with a final address by the President of RCS also calling on educators, funders and policy makers to make safe and affordable surgery and anaesthesia care accessible to all by 2030.